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2-Day Karakul Lake & Oytagh Glacier Park Tour

Activities: This 2 days Karakul Lake & Oytagh Glacier Park Tour designed to let you enjoy and experience the breathtaking scenery of Karakul Lake and nomadic life of Kirgiz people. Karakoram Highway(KKH) is referred as “Eighth Wonder of the World” due to its high elevation and difficult conditions in which it was constructed. You will also trek around the lake to enjoy the natural landscape.


Day 01

Place & Transport:Kashgar to Karakul lake (200Km)

Day’s Activities: Opan village, KKH, Corner Lake, Karakul lake, Kyrgyz family visit

  • Karakoram Highway
  • Corner Lake
  • Karakul Lake

Place to stay: Karakul lake

We depart from Kashgar early in the morning and transfer to Karakul Lake.

Upal is the last village we visit prior to the start of our trek and a final chance to purchase fruits, nuts, mineral water, and fresh bread ready for the trek.

KKH (Karakorum Highway):from Upal we continue our journey along the famous This road boasts towering peaks, as high as the sky!!! There is a mix of black, green and red colored mountains. Parts of The Karakorum Range are Redder than the Flaming Mountain at Turpan.

Along the route you will see the famous mountain of Kum Tag. This name translate, in Uyghur, to White sand Mountain. The mountain is located at Bulugh Kul lake. Local people believe many years ago the sand of the mountain developed from the sandy shores of Lake Bulugh Kul blowing into the sky. We continue our journey along the KKH from Bulugh Kul. A further 30 mins brings us to Karakul Lake where we will finish our day.

You are able to enjoy the afternoon with trekking around the lake and Kyrgyz villages on the other side of the lake. Karakul Lake is situated at 3600m above sea level.

We will arrange for you to spend the evening with a local Kyrgyz family in their Yurt, where you will be able to experience the different culture and language of this traditionally nomadic people. you will be staying in a traditional Kyrgyz yurt,.

Note: you are not allowed to stay over night with Local in their yurt but traditional Kyrgyz yurt near the lake.

Day 02

Place & Transport:Karakul Lake to Oytagh Glacier then to Kashgar(260Km)

Day’s Activities: Muztagh Ata, Konger Mountain, Oytagh Mountain glacier

  • Mt. Muztagh Ata
  • Oytagh Mountain glacier

Place to stay: Kashgar

You can enjoy the sun rise at the lake with beautiful scenery of Muztagh ata and Konger mountaion. After that we will drive towards Oytagh mountain where we spend the morning trekking towards the glacier.

Oytagh Mountain in Turkish language means (low land in mountains). surrounded by rolling ridges and deep ravines, a strip of green land stretches out from Oytagh Valley. Lush grassland is overlooked by snow-capped mountains. Walking up is well worth the effort to the site.

In the site one sees lofty mountains, luxurious trees, glittering glaciers, waterfalls as if they were flying and snow-covered mountains. In summer, huge waterfalls among snowy ridges fall down, sounds echoing in valley with frog and rain-like atmosphere.

We will drive back to Kashgar in the afternoon.