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9-Day Taklamakan Desert Adventure Tour

Activities: This 9 days Taklamakan Desert Adventure Tour starts from Darya Boyi which is a lonely village in the Taklamakan Desert in Keriya. This village had been isolated from the oasis for several hundred years until it was discovered until last decade. The Adventure tour ends in Mazartagh in Hotan. Please bear in mind that this adventure requires special permit to make it happen.

This tour can be conbined with other tours organized through Hotan.The whole journey is about 740KM, among them from Hotan to Derya Buyi is about 420KM, From Darya Buyi to Mazartag is about 100KM, From Mazartag to Hotan is about 220KM.

Day 01

Hotan to Darya Buyi. Stay overnight in Darya Buyi in tent.

We Leave from Hotan in the morning to Darya Buyi by four wheel drive. We will be in Darya buyi late in the Afternoon sleep overnight in Darya Buyi and prepare for following adventure days.The meaning of Darya Buyi in Uyghur Language is side of river. The place you will be staying overnight is side of the Keriye river, you can also enjoy the locals peoples custom and landscape of the riverbed village.


Day 02

Leave from Darya Buyi to Mazar Tag by camels in the morning.

Leave from Darya Buyi to Mazar Tag in the morning, you will be enjoying sunset and sunrise in the vast Taklimakan desert and sand dunes without any grass. We will be in Mazartag 8th day of our tour. Mazartag in Uyghur language is graveyard mountain because some old tombs and mosque on top of the mountain. Mazartag is the place where two rivers on west and east side of Hotan city(karakax and Yurongkax or white jade river) join eachother then forms the Hotan river, end of the Hotan river is merges with other rivers from Kashgar and Aksu then forms Longest inland river in China or in the world which is Tarim River, Tarim river is 2073km long. Sleep overnight in Mazartag.

Day 9

Drive back to Hotan by fourwheel drive next day morning.