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Khunjerab Pass

Khunjerab Pass is on the China Pakistan border between Tashkurgan Tajik Autonomous County in China and Sost of Gilgit-Baltistan of Pakistan . It is the highest paved international border crossing in the world and also the highest point of the Karakorum Highway at an elevation of 4693 meters. It is 130 km to Tashkurgan , 420 km to Kashgar and 1890 km to Urumqi. The pass is 42 km from the National Park Station and checkpoint in Dil and 75 km from the customs and immigration post in Sost. It is 270 km to Gilgit.

The pass officially opened to Chinese and Pakistani citizens in 1985 and to third country nationals in 1986.The pass used to remain open between 1st of May to 30th of November. According to new reports, the pass is now open from 1st of April to 30th November.  A separate permit is required by people who want to visit the Khunjerab pass. This permit can only be obtained from the military office in Tashkurgan. Since the area is a military area, visiting Khunjerab pass is allowed only when the situation in the area is stable.

There has been a direct bus service from Kashgar in China to Gilgit in Pakistan  since June 2006.