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Tomb of Mahmud Kashgari

Mahmud Kashgari’s tomb is located in Opal Village of Kashgar. Mahmud Kashgari was an outstanding Uyghur scholar and linguist. Mahmud Kashgari was born in 1005 in Kashgar. He studied Turkish dialects, and wrote the first comprehensive dictionary of the Turkish languages. He died in 1105 in Opal at the age of 97. Mahmud Kashgari’s tomb is highly respected by Uyghur and Turkic people of  the world. Local Uyghur People call him “Haziret Mollam” meaning “Honourable Scholar” to show their respect for  him. Out of respect for him, Turk Muslim scholars have contributed their favourite books to the tomb of Mahmud Kashgari. Now it has slowly become a kind of library.

Mahmud Kashgari’s Turkish Dictionary has been translated into 26 languages. Mahmud Kashgari’s Turkish language dictionary reflects his knowledge of the dialects of various Turkic people living at that time. It also gives information about the dialectical differences, their social upbrings, their customs, as well as the regions they inhabited. Mahmud Kashgari when compiling this encyclopaedic dictionary, wandered amongst  the Turkic people. The data thus gained, provided  a sound academic basis for his finished work. “The Turkish Language Dictionary” is one the main sources for Turkic studies today.