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Yusuf Has Hajib Tomb

Yusuf Has Hajib was a  well educated scientist, philosopher and artist of the Uyghur people. He was born in 1018 in Balasaghun city of Karahanid Dynasty, and later immigrated to Kashgar. The Balasaghun city is in modern day Kyrgyzstan. One of his most famous publications was the book titled “Kutadgu Bilig” meaning in English “Wisdom of Happiness”.

Yusuf Has Hajib started to write the Kutadgu Bilig in Balasaghun and completed it in Kashgar after working on it for about 18 months. Once he completed it, he presented it to SultanTavghach Bughra Ebu Ali Hassan Bin Soleman Arslan of Karakhanid Kingdom in 1070. The SultanTavghach Bughra Ebu Ali Hassan Bin Soleman Arslan awarded him the title of “Has Hajib” meaning similar to “top advisor”. Kutadgu Bilig is a unique book explaining about the social, cultural, and political lives of Uyghur people during that period of time. It consisted of 88 chapters and 6645 couplets (4).

He died in 1085 in Kashgar and his tomb is located in Kashgar city. Yusuf Has Hajib is highly respected by the Turkic people who visit his tomb to pay their respects. The book “Wisdom of Happiness” is one of the most popular choices for Uyghur people when giving the gift of a book to their friends.