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Irkashtam Border Crossing to and from Kashgar

Irkashtam Border is another border connects Kyrgyzstan with China via land. This border connects Atush city of Kizilsu Kirgiz Autonomous Prefecture of Xinjiang with Osh City of Kyrgyzstan. Atush is a city 43 km to  Kashgar. Since Kashgar is transportation hub for surrounding countries, there are couple weekly buses between Kashgar and Osh city of Kyrgzstan.  

One can cross this border freely as long as he/she holds valid passport, and visa for both countries. There are shared taxi’s available at Chinese side of Irkashtam border if one manages to get Irkashtam border from Osh city.

If you require transportation service from  Kashgar, we can do so. This border is open from Monday to Friday except the public holiday.