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Kashgar Village Markets Tour

Kashgar is famous for many things for both locals and tourist around the world. When one talk about Kashgar’s Bazaar, first thing comes to once mind is Kashgar Sunday Market or Sunday Bazaar. Kashgar Sunday Market indeed huge in scale. Due to expansion, it became even bigger and larger but more modern. If one wants to visit 20 years or more ago Kashgar Sunday Market, best place to visit would be farmer’s village market in the country side of Kashgar.

Kashgar Village Markets are open in different villages in different days of the week in the country side of Kashgar. These village markets are very traditional, less tourist than the Sunday Market in Kashgar. If one looking for non-touristy market or bazaar experience, we can take you one of the village markets around Kashgar.

It will be day tour so we will arrange air conditioned car with the driver and English speaking guide.

Note: Your days have to be bit flexible due to some days village market is bit too far from Kashgar city. So, in this case, we have to arrange the village market one day before or after.