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Torugart Border Crossing to or from Kashgar

Torugart border is China and Kyrgyzstan border located 170 km to Kashgar Xinjiang China. It is the border crossing for business purpose so the tourist of third country nationals must travel with a licensed travel company in Kashgar to arrange necessary paper work to cross this border.

We can arrange car/van with a driver, English speaking guide and permit at the competitive price. You must let us know as early as you can since the special licensing for vehicles travelling to this border are required by Chinese Customs so early booking is advisable.

We highly recommend you to arrange your transportation and other necessary paper work to or from Torugart border to Nayn or Bishkek whichever one you desire with Travel Company in Kyrgyzstan and we will take care from Kashgar to Torugart or Torugart to Kashgar part of your trip.

If you need our help in finding a reliable travel agency in Kyrgyzstan to arrange your transportation to or from Torugart, please let us know so that we can pass their contact info to you.

The business hours of Torugart border is from Monday to Friday, 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM, public holidays excepted.

For price and availability of our service for the particular date, please contact us.