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Uyghur Food Cooking Classes in Kashgar

Our aim is not only to organize safe, flexible, friendly, unforgettable and unbeatable tours for you. But also want to expose you to local customs, cultures and nature by “Experience the local life with locals” since seeing is believing.

Have you ever wondered about the local dishes you have tried in Xinjiang which was very different and unique from yours? If so, with our assistance and your eagerness to learn, we can make it possible.

We can help you to arrange face to face Uyghur food cooking class in Kashgar with a local Uyghur family. You will be preparing your meal with the host. This rare opportunity gives you chance to visit Uyghur family in Old Town, join them with a meal, learn about their Uyghur culture and custom.

Below is the some of the popular dishes your host offer. Please have a look and let us know which one’s your prefer to learn so that our host can make the necessary arrangements in advance.

Popular Uyghur Dishes: Laghman, Polo, Ghosh Nan, Fried Rice, Fried Noodle, Noodle Soup, Lamb Dumpling, Sugar Dumpling, and Dumpling Soup. If you have any other dish request, we will try our best to accommodate it.

We will arrange Uyghur to English translator or English speaking tour guide to help you with your cooking class since the family doesn’t speak English or Chinese. Please note that this is home style cooking not the commercial one.