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kashgar handicraft street

8-Day Kashgar Adventural and Cultural Tour

Activities: This tour is designed to explore the natural, historic and cultural beauty of Kashgar and it’s people. You will be traveling on the world famous Karakorum Highway, experiencing Kirgiz, Tajik and Uyghur culture and custom. Trekking to the world’s tallest natural arch, visiting the largest bazaar in Central Asia, and the 2,000 year old Kashgar Old Town will all be part of the tour.

karakul lake

3 Days Tashkurgan and Khunjerab Border Tour

Activities: The highlights of this 3 -day tour include travel on the world-famous Karakorum highway, a home stay at a Kirgiz house or yurt at Karakul Lake, Tajik family visit in Tashkurgan, and finally Khunjerab Pass, the highest point on the Karakorum Highway and the frontier between China and Pakistan.

tashkorgan stone city

2-day Tour to Karakul Lake & Tashkurgan

Activities: This tour will be conducted on the world famous Karakorum Highway on Pamir Plateau. You will experience the natural beauty of Kunlun Mountain, and the culture and custom of the Kirgiz and Tajik people who are living on Pamir Plateau. Also you will follow in the footsteps of caravans who travelled on the Karakorum Highway.

yarkant old town

Day Tour to Yarkand and Taklamakan Desert

Activities: Visiting the knife town of Yegisar which represents Uyghur knife (manufacture) in Xinjiang and China. Visiting the Golden Graveyard which dates back to the 17th century and is the burial place of Royal family members of the Yarkand Uyghur Kingdom. Visiting the Karasu section of Taklamakan Desert in Yarkand. The Taklamakan Desert was named as ‘Sea of Death’ by ancient caravans from the ancient Silk Road.

kashgar dawakul lake

Day Tour to Davakul Lake Taklimakan Desert

Activities: Davakul Lake is located on the southeastern tip of the Taklimakan Desert. The meaning of Davakul in the Uyghur language is ‘curing lake’ . People swim in its waters to seek cures for their ailments. There you have options to ride a camel, horse or one of the dune buggies in the Taklamakan Desert.

Shipton’s Arch

Day Tour to shipton’s Arch

Activities: This tour will ascend through steeply walled canyons and over Rocky River bed terrain. This tour involves climbing up a series of ladders placed to make the scramble to the base of the arch easier. The arch is 500m high and 100m wide, and is one of the least known of the top twenty natural wonders of the world.

karakul lake

Day Tour to Karakul Lake on Karakoram Highway

Activities: Travelling on the Karakorum Highway, the highest paved border crossing in the world and regarded as one of the world’s most beautiful highways. Visiting the Karakul Lake, and enjoying the views of Mt. Muztagh Ata and Mt Gonger. Visiting a Kirgiz yurt to understand the local way of life up at the Karakul Lake on the Karakorum Highway.

apak hoja tomb

Day Tour of Kashgar City

Activities: Kashgar city tour is one of the highlights of your trip to the Silk Road. Because Kashgar is a cradle for Uyghur culture, our day tour is designed to help you to understand the history, culture, custom of its people.

kashgar oytagh mountain

Day Tour to Oytagh Glacier Park

Activities:  Oytagh is surrounded by rolling ridges and deep ravines and a strip of green land stretching out from the Oytagh Valley. Lush grassland is overlooked by snow-capped mountains.