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Kashgar Shopping

Kashgar is not only the important hub on the Ancient Silk Road, it is also the center for Uyghur arts and crafts. In Kashgar, you can buy various carpets which is either made locally or imported from surrounding countries, Yingsar knives, Uyghur hats for male or female, wood works, ceramics, jewelry, jades, and Uyghur Musical instruments.

Kashgar also “land of fruit”; it is famous for its pomegranate; which is considered symbol of Kashgar. Fig, grapes, peach, pear, walnut, sea buckthorn, and melons. Tourist can try fresh fruits most of the places in Kashgar city which is sold by farmers or venders. You can buy dried and packed one’s from Sunday market or other small markets in Kashgar city any days of the week. Please note that the price offered in the market are negotiable. Negotiable amount is varies depending on the item, please ask your Uyghur travel guide or our staff by visiting our office from contact us page of our website. We can give you some specific directions from local’s perspective.