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Kashgar Transportation

Kashgar Airport

Kashgar International Airport is considered as the second largest airport in Xinjiang. It  is located 10 km northeast of  Kashgar city and takes approximately 15 minutes driving distance to city center.

There are many flights each day from Urumqi to Kashgar and to Urumqi. Various Airline Companies runs morning, afternoon and evening flights. Due to Kashgar built as a Special Economic Zone, there are direct flights from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou to Kashgar which stops approximately 40 minutes in Urumqi either way to Kashgar.

Kashgar Airport is international airport which operates two weekly flights from Urumqi to Kashgar then to Islamabad, on the way back, it is Islamabad to Kashgar then to Urumqi. It operates from 1st May to 31st Dec every year and closed between 1st of Jan to 30th of April.

China Southern Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, Hainan Airlines, China Eastern Airlines operates flight to Kashgar. Frequencies of flights increased during the summer and decreased during the winter. Please search most up to date flight schedule from our flight search function of our website.

Add: No. 473 Airport  Road Kashgar (on Yingbin Road Kashgar), Xinjiang China


Kashgar Railway Station

Kashgar Railway Station is located 9 km east of Kashgar city. It takes approximately 15 minutes driving from Railway Station to city center.

Kashgar Railway Station used to be the last stop for Southern Xinjiang Train from Urumqi, but since end of June 2011 onwards the railway line to Hotan completed and started to carry the passengers to Hotan from Urumqi.

There are two daily trains from Urumqi to Kashgar, one is express train which takes 22 hours from Urumqi and another is slow train which takes 30 hours. For latest timetables for Kashgar Train, please check from train search function of our website.

Add:  No. 315 National Highway Kashgar


Kashgar International Bus Station

Kashgar International Bus Station is located near to Kashgar city. It is about 5 minutes walking distance to Id Kah Mosque which considered to be the city center of Kashgar for Uyghur’s. Kashgar International Bus Station operates long distance buses domestically to Urumqi, Ili and other major cities of Xinjiang. Internationally, it operates daily bus to Sost of Pakistan, few weekly buses to Osh and Bishkek of Kyrgyzstan.

Add: No 5 Airport Road Kashgar (Next to the Tuman River Hotel)


Kashgar Prefecture Bus Station

Kashgar Prefecture Bus Station is located behind the main Bank of China at the people’s square of Kashgar.  It runs sleeping and sitting buses which departs one bus every one or two hours to Hotan.  Whole journey is 520 km and it takes average 7 to 9 hours driving distance. Besides Hotan, it also runs one bus every hour to 11counties of Kashgar.

Add: Tian Nan Road Kashgar City ( Behind the main Bank of China at People’s Square)


Tashkurgan Administration Office

Tashkurgan Administration Office runs hourly bus and small cars to Tashkurgan. Tickets can be bought upon your arrival.

Add: No. 166 Xiyu Dado Road, Kashgar City Xinjiang