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Over my two years living in China, I learned that “DIY” travel is best—tour services can be unreliable, expensive, and take you all sorts of places you don’t want to go. The majority of tour guides I’ve met during my stay have had a slippery grasp of English and a poor understanding of traveler needs.
However, as I planned my Kashgar trip, I found that excursions outside the city are best done with some help. I contacted several companies, but Imam stood out by responding quickly and thoroughly answering all my questions. His command of English is excellent.
On the day of my arrival, I ran into an unexpected hotel issue, and was forced to rebook elsewhere. Upon hearing of my problem, Imam asked me to cancel my new hotel reservation and rebooked me immediately at the same hotel for a cheaper price.
Imam is full of information and always willing to share his thoughts and insight on your trip. His tours run seamlessly; his private drivers pull up out of nowhere at exactly the right time, and his van for long-distance trip is well-stocked and ready to go before his guests even arrive.
On my trip, he also knew when to back off and allow me to explore on my own, which I view as an important part of my trip.
Imam was a definite asset to my trip- I don’t know that I would have loved Kashgar as much without him, and I enthusiastically recommend him to anyone considering a trip the area.

Angela Pruszenski

Travel Reporter | 旅游专栏记者
China Radio International – English Service | 中国国际广播电台英语中心
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