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Silk Road Gourmet

I cannot praise the folks of Xinjiang Travel and Kashgar Guide enough!  They were knowledgeable, kind, polite, and accomodating throughout the trip.
I am an educated and quietly demanding customer who asks – what is this? and what is that? constantly
These fellows always had a good answer for me – from the geoology of western China to what birds we saw and their ranges.
The combination of personal attention and knowledge about the areas and sites they covered was phenomenal – which is what I expected and received.
They took me everywhere I wanted to go and then some and explained it all to me in picture-perfect English which is not easy to come by in western China.
An additional benefit of the tour was a window into the Uyghur way of life which included some behind the scenes tours of some crafts-shops in   Kashgar – including a view of how instruments and other goods were made –  as well as some fantastic food both in restaurants and bought on the fly from markets for a picnics.
I highly recommend Xinjiang Tours and Kashgar Guide for anyone wanting an intellectually fullfilling and interesting look at China.
My only regret is that I didn’t book them as my guide to the rest of the country – they were THAT great!

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