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The New York Times-2010

Media Review – The New York Times

Journalists on holiday can be tough to please but Imam and Abdul of Kashgar Guide proved to be extremely crowd-pleasing. During our recent trip to southern Xinjiang, the two men were pleasant, patient, endlessly flexible and refreshingly knowledgeable about the region. And their English? Impeccable.

During previous visits to the region, we had guides who were at best uninspired, and at worst untrustworthy. These two fine gentlemen were always enthusiastic – you would never know they had been to the Id Kah Mosque dozens of times – and they did not view us as walking ATM machines, a problem with other companies that suddenly announce previously undisclosed fees and surcharges.

When we decided at the last minute to go camping in the Taklamakan desert, Imam somehow found friends who had extra tents and sleeping bags – which he loaned to us at no extra charge. To get us there and back, Abdul managed to find a caravan of camels at a price that was eminently reasonable, even if they were a bit flatulent!

It is not always easy to travel in Xinjiang but the men at Kashgar Travel make it feel like a breeze.


Andrew Jacobs

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