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12-Day Classic China Silk Road Tour

Route: Urumqi – Kashgar – Turpan – Dunhuang – Xi’an

Activities: This 12 days Classic China Silk Road Tour designed for first time visitors to the Silk Road China. It takes them to towns which had strategic importance in the history of ancient Silk Road. It helps them to get clear overview of the Silk Road past and present.


Day 01

Place & Transport: Arrival to Urumqi Via Beijing or Shanghai

Today’s Activities: Urumqi  Airport Pickup and Hotel Transfer

Place to stay: Urumqi

You will meet with our company representative at the Urumqi Airport then transfer to Hotel

Day 02

Place & Transport: Urumqi Tour then Evening Flight to Kashgar

Today’s Activities: Heavenly lake, Xinjiang Museum

Place to stay: Kashgar

You will meet with your guide in your hotel after breakfast then set off for Urumqi tours. Your guide and driver will take you to Heavenly Lake, which is 110km away from Urumqi. You will come back to Urumqi in the afternoon then Pay visit to Xinjiang Museum where you can see great collection of Mummies’. You will be served your dinner in finest Uyghur Restaurant in Urumqi then take evening flight to Kashgar.

Day 03

Place & Transport: Kashgar City Tour

Today’s Activities: Apak Hoja tomb, Sunday market, Old Town, Id Kah Mosque, Handicraft Street

  • Kashgar Apak Hoja Tomb
  • Kashgar Sunday Market
  • Kashgar Old Town
  • Kashgar Id Kah Mosque
  • Kashgar Handicraft Street

Place to stay: Kashgar

We will begin our tour of Kashgar City by visiting the Apak Hoja Tomb. This is a very tranquil place and a beautiful example of Uyghur Islamic architecture. Next we will head to the Infamous lively Sunday market renowned as the biggest market in Central Asia. It is said you can buy anything you want from the Sunday market except chicken milk and Cow eggs. We will then enjoy lunch in a typical Uyghur restaurant.    After lunch we will wander through the narrow winding streets of the historic Old town brushing shoulders with the friendly Uyghur residents. Located at the spiritual heart of Old townis Id Kah Mosque, the largest mosque in China.  We will go inside and have the chance to understand a bit more about the Islamic life of the Uyghur people. We will pass down Handicraft Street where we can view pots being hammered, wood craftsmen at work and traditional musical instrument workshops.

Note: For entering the Mosque visitors should dress respectfully, no shorts or short sleeved shirts and women should cover their heads with a scarf.


Day 04

Place & Transport: Kashgar to Karakul Lake then to Tashkorgan

Today’s Activities: Karakoram Highway, Opal village, Red Mountain, Corner Lake & Sand Mountain,MT. Muztagh Ata (7546m) & MT.Konger (7719m), Karakul Lake.

  • Karakoram Highway
  • Corner Lake
  • Mt. Muztagh Ata
  • Karakul Lake

Place to stay: Tashkurgan.

Drive on Karakoram Highway (An epic road to travel.) Karakul Lake is located southwest of Kashgar, and 200km from Kashgar. You will have chance to do some trekking around the lake which is 3600ms above sea level. Karakul Lake is located at the foot of Muztag Ata (7546m). The people living around the lake are Kyrgyz people, will have chance to visit the Kyrgyz yurts and learn about the nomadic mountain life of Kyrgyz people.In the afternoon drive to Taskorgan and spend the night in Tashkurgan.

Day 05

Place & Transport: Tashkurgan to Kashgar then Evening Flight to Urumqi

Today’s Activities: Stone city, Tajik family Visit

  • Tashkorgan Stone City

Place to stay: Urumqi

After the breakfast at the hotel, we will visit the Stone city in Tashkorgan. It was once the palace of the Tajik kingdom. After the visit to Stone city, you will have a chance to look around the town and visit Tajik family to see the Traditional life of the Tajik people on the Pamir Plateau and the beautiful scenery of the Pamir Mountains. After the visits, you will drive back to Kashgar and arrive in the afternoon. After dinner; take the evening flight to Urumqi.

Day 06

Place & Transport: Drive from Urumqi to Turpan then Turpan Tour

Today’s Activities: Jiaohe Ancient city,  Kariz system, Emin Minaret

  • Kariz Underground Water System
  • Jiaohe Ancient City
  • Emin Minaret

Place to stay: Turpan
After the breakfast at the hotel, we will drive to Turpan, upon our arrival, you will visit the Jiaohe Ancient city, Kariz system is an irrigation system of wells connected by underground channels, is considered as one of the three great ancient projects in China. Emin Minaret which was built in 1777, is the largest extant old tower in Xinjiang. Night will be spent in Turpan after the tour.

Day 07

Place & Transport: Turpan Tour then Overnight Train to Dunhuang

Today’s Activities: Tuyuk Valley, Gaocheng Ancient City, Flaming Mountain, Astana Ancient Tombs

  • Gaochang Ancient City
  • Astana Ancient Tombs
  • Tuyuk Village
  • Flaming Mountain

Place to stay: Overnight Train

Tuyuk Valley: where the most traditional Uyghur life can be seen with the people living in traditional homes made of mud, Gaocheng ancient city (Started in the first century B.C, it was a key point on the ancient Silk Road,). Driving by the Flaming Mountain (The Flaming Mountains were formed in the organic movements of the Himalayas fifty million years ago). Astana-Karahoja Ancient Tombs (Known as the “Underground Museum” and widely valued by Chinese and foreign archaeologists and historians. You will take evening train to Dunhuang.

Day 08

Place & Transport: Dunhuang Railway Station Pickup then Dunhuang Tour

Today’s Activities: Mogao Caves, Echoing sand dunes of Mingshan Mountains, Crescent Lake

  • Mogao Caves
  • Echoing sand dunes
  • Crescent Moon Spring

Place to stay: Dunhuang

You will meet your guide and driver at Dunhuang railway station. You will then be transferred to Dunhuang and start your tour of Dunhuang. Places you will visit are: World Heritage site Mogao Caves, Echoing sand dunes of Mingshan Mountains, Crescent Lake. AFter the tour, night will be spent in Dunhuang.

Day 09

Place & Transport: Dunhuang Tour then Evening Flight to Xian

Today’s Activities: Dunhuang Museum, Jade Gate, Han Dynasty Great Wall

  • Jade gate
  • Han Dynasty Great Wall

Place to stay: Xi’an

After the breakfast at the hotel, you will visit Dunhuang Museum, Jade Gate was once one of the west gates out of the country of the Han Dynasty (206 B. C. -220 A. D.), it is quite ruined by the shifting sands but still shows the ever splendor. The Great Wall of the Han dynasty was build for defending the nomadic Xiongnu during the Han Dynasty (206 BC–220 AD). After the tour in Dunhuang, you will then take evening flight to Xi’an.


Day 10

Place & Transport: Xi’an Tour

Today’s Activities: Terracotta Army, Bell Tour and Drum Tower, Hui Ethnic Street, Xi’an Grand Mosque

Place to stay: Xi’an

After Breakfast we will take 1.5 hour’s drive out to visit the amazing Terracotta Army. Here we will have the chance to see 8,000 life sized terracotta warriors and horses that were unearthed in 1974.. There is also an excellent museum and film about the history of the vaults. After return to Xi’an, you will visit Bell Tower and Drum Tower followed by Hui Ethnic street and Grand Mosque of Xi’an. After the tour, night will be spent in Xi’an.

Day 11

Place & Transport: Xi’an Tour

Today’s Activities: Xi’an City Wall, Shanxi Historical Museum, Big Wild Goose Pagoda

  • City Wall

Place to stay: Xian

After the breakfast at the hotel, you will visit Xi’an City Wall, Shanxi Historical Museum and Big Wild Goose Pagoda. Shanxi Regional Museum has four major galleries in large, Tang-style buildings house a vast and impressive collections beautifully displayed. After the tour, night will be spent in Xi’an.

Day 12

Place & Transport: Xi’an Airport See Off
Our guide and driver will meet you after your breakfast at the hotel depending on the departure flight then see you off at Xi’an airport for your next destination or to home. End of Service!