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10-Day Memories of Xinjiang Tour

karakoram highway

Route: Kashgar – Karakorum Highway – Tashkurgan – Hotan – Urumqi – Turpan

Activities: This is a tour most suitable for first time visitors to Xinjiang. It includes all the major cities Like Kashgar, Hotan, Urumqi and Turpan on the ancient Silk Road Xinjiang. 10 days for understanding Xinjiang is fairly short because Xinjiang is one sixth of total China.

10-Day Classic Xinjiang Silk Road Tour

kashgar dawakul lake

Route: Urumqi – Turpan – Kashgar – Yopurgha – Taklamakan Desert – Karakorum Highway – Tashkurgan – Oytagh Glacier

Activities: This is one of the most common tours for visitors to Xinjiang. It allows you to experience the culture and custom of various ethnic groups who are living in the mountains and the cities of Xinjiang. It also allows you to ride a camel into the Taklamakan Desert, sleep overnight by campfire when possible then return next day.

10-Day Wild Landscape Hiking and Cultural Tour

apak hoja tomb

Route: Urumqi – Turpan – Kashgar – Karakorum Highway –Muztagh Ata  Base Camp – Kirghiz Summer village – Tashkurgan – Kashgar

Activities: This tour is the mixture of cultural and historical activities with the wild landscape trekking deep into the mountain. The trekking part of the tour will be conducted around the Karakul Lake and Muztagh Ata on Karakorum Highway in Kashgar.

10-Day Memories of China Silk Road Tour

Tashkorgan Stone City

Route: Xi’an – Dunhuang – Turpan – Urumqi – Kashgar – Karakorum Highway – Tashkurgan – Urumqi

Activities: China Silk Road filled with mystery. Our 10 days Memories of China Silk Road Tour designed to help you to explore and understand the Chinese side of Silk Road by visiting the top attractions and major towns on the ancient Silk Road China.

10-Day Silk Road Experience Tour

terra cotta warrior

 Route: Xi’an – Dunhuang – Turpan -Tashkurgan – Kashgar – Urumqi

Activities: This 10 days Silk Road Experience Tour designed to help you to get most out of your short visit to the ancient Silk Road. 10 days is fairly short for learning and exploring the Silk Road of China but this tour helps you to make most out of your short visit to the ancient Silk Road of China.

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