Tours Class: 11 Days Tour

tashkorgan grassland

11-Day Xinjiang Middle Silk Road Tour

Route:  Kashgar – Tashkurgan – Aksu – Kuqa – Korla – Turpan – Urumqi

Activities: This tour starts from Kashgar, a historical city on the Silk Road China, and ends in Urumqi the regional capital. Then you will be visiting Karakul Lake on Karakorum Highway, Kizil Thousand Buddha Caves in Kucha, Jiaohe Ancient City in Turpan and Xinjiang Museum in Urumqi before concluding your tour.

dunhuang cresent moon lake

11-Day Essence of China Silk Road Tour

Route: Xi’an – Dunhuang – Turpan – Urumqi – Kashgar – Karakorum Highway – Tashkurgan – Kashgar

Activities: Mystery awaits those who want to uncover it. Our 11 days Essence of China Silk Road Tour designed to help you experience the culture and custom of ancient civilization by visiting the major towns on the China Silk Road by following the trails of the ancient caravans.

Emin Minaret

11-Day Xinjiang Silk Road Tour including Dunhuang

Route: Dunhuang – Turpan – Kucha – Taklamakan Desert – Hotan – Yarkand – Kashgar – Karakorum Highway – Kashgar

Activities: Our 11 day Xinjiang Silk Road Tour including Dunhuaung is designed for people who already have been to Xi’an but not beyond. This tour will enhance your experience of nature, history, and the culture and customs of various ethnic groups, both past and present.