Tours Class: 3 Days Tour

hotan carpet factory

3-Day Kashgar Yarkent Hotan Tour

Route: Kashgar – Yarkand – Hotan

Activities: 3 Days Kashgar Yarkent Hotan Tour designed to those who has been to Xinjiang but want to learn more about Kashgar and Hotan this time. The activities include sight-seeing, visiting historical sites and riding camel in Taklamakan Desert.

tashkorgan stone city

3-Day Karakul Lake,Tashkurgan and Oytagh Glacier Tour

Activities: This 3 Days Karakul Lake,Tashkurgan and Oytagh Glacier Tour takes you to the world famous Karakoram Highway on Pamir Plateau. You will be visiting Opal Village, colourful Kunlun Mountain ranges, Mt.Muztagh Ata, Mt.Konger, Karakul Lake, Tashkurgan Stone Fort and Oytagh National Glacier Park.