Tours Class: 5 Days Tour

Kizil Thousand Buddha caves

5-Day Tour from Kashgar to Kucha

 Route:  Kashgar – Yarkand – Hotan – Kucha via Aksu

Activities: This tour features cultural and historical activities, because it is conducted in most southern part of Xinjiang where the customs and cultures are better preserved. It is suitable to those who has already visited Xinjiang or want to learn in depth about Xinjiang and its ethnic groups.

Camel trekking and Camping Tour

5 -Day Taklimakan Desert Camel trekking and Camping Tour

Activities: This 5 days Taklimakan Desert Camel Trekking and Camping Tour takes you to Davakul part of Taklamakan Desert in Kashgar. Taklamakan Desert is the second largest shifting desert in the world. The trip allows you to experience hardship the Caravan’s gone through back in 2000 years ago on camel back in the desert. It also re-connects you to nature by isolating you from busy city life and calms/empties your mind.

muztagh ata

5-Day Karakul Lake & Muztagh Ata Trekking Tour

 Activities: This 5 days Karakul Lake and Muztagh Ata Trekking Tour takes you to the remote and none-touristy mountain villages and base camp of Muztagh Ata. You will be trekking through mountain valleys, visiting Kyrgyz nomadic villages, staying with them to experience their nomadic culture and custom. You will also be coming very close to Muztagh Ata “Father of Ice Mountain” in local language by visiting the base camp. It is a high-altitude and adventurous trek which can be tailored to suit the abilities of the trekkers.