Tours Class: 8 Days Tour

kashgar handicraft street

8-Day Kashgar Adventural and Cultural Tour

Activities: This tour is designed to explore the natural, historic and cultural beauty of Kashgar and it’s people. You will be traveling on the world famous Karakorum Highway, experiencing Kirgiz, Tajik and Uyghur culture and custom. Trekking to the world’s tallest natural arch, visiting the largest bazaar in Central Asia, and the 2,000 year old Kashgar Old Town will all be part of the tour.

Mogao Caves

8-Day Xinjiang Silk Road Tour including Dunhuang

 Route: Kashgar – Tashkurgan – Urumqi – Turpan – Dunhuang

Activities: This 8 days Xinjiang Silk Road Tour including Dunhuang designed to let you experience the Muslim and Buddhism culture and custom on the Silk Road China. It includes top historical attractions, comfortable hotels, and featured restaurants together with selected hard working local guides and drivers for your unforgettable once in your life time trip.

yarkand golden grave yard

8-Day Xinjiang Silk Road Discovery Tour

Route: Urumqi – Turpan – Kashgar – Yarkand – Hotan

Activities: This 8 days Xinjiang Silk Road Discovery Tour suitable to those who has limited time, and also their first time to visit Xinjiang. This tour allows you to discover what Silk Road Xinjiang offer by specifically focusing on historical and ethnically diverse cities along the Silk Road China.