Why Book With Us

Local Guides
Our team consists of locals born and raised in Xinjiang and it is our most important competitive advantages because there are only a few local travel companies in Xinjiang. Even though there are many travel companies, very few offer local guides for your Xinjiang tour. Since the tourist season of Xinjiang is heaviest between April and November, we sometimes experience a shortage of guides, but we try our best to arrange a locally born, knowledgeable guide for your stay.

Honest, Experienced, and Hardworking
Our tour operators, guides, and drivers are honestly provide you with most accurate information available. Our tour operators will never charge you more than our profit margin by quoting unnecessary items for the trip, and guides will never ask you to pay more than what a product actually cost. Most of us having worked in the local tourism industry since 2002. We understand that it’s difficult to visit this part of the world, therefore we try our best to make your once in a lifetime trip to be the most unforgettable experience.

Focused on Safety
Tourism in Xinjiang and the rest of China is licensed by the local tourism bureau supervised by the National Tourism Bureaus of China. They critically assess the available products or services in order to ensure their quality. Since we are a legitimate travel service, we use licensed transport, guides, and hotels for your stay even though sometimes it cost us more than unregistered travel companies. If you ever with to do your Xinjiang tour on your own, Xinjiang is still one of the safest places in China for tourists.

Custom Flexible Tours Suited to Your Needs
Our mottos are, ‘Experience Local Life with Locals’ and ‘Discover & Enjoy the Very Best of Xinjiang and the Silk Road with Us.’ One of the best ways to achieve this and maximize customer satisfaction is by offering customized and flexible tours. Nowadays many people are travelling independently or with family and friends by self designing unique itineraries and hiring a private guide and driver for their own pace. We will take your desires first, when crafting a travel plan tailor-made to your needs in ways that only locals can.

Proficient in many Languages
There are 13 nationalities in Xinjiang and 56 nationalities living in China. Knowing the ethnic language and culture is widely appreciated by everyone. Knowing the local language is one of the important communication tools when you want to learn about or explore local culture in remote areas off the beaten track. Our guides are locally born and have grown up in a diverse cultural background, giving them the ability to better serve your needs through clear communication wherever you go in Xinjiang or on the Silk Road.

Competitive Pricing, No Hidden Fees
We maintain a good relationship with our suppliers in order to offer the most competitive price to our customers. If we can find a way to save cost, we pass it down to our customers. We don’t charge extra hidden fees to our customer once we fix the itinerary and cost, unless big changes are made to the itinerary during the trip. The distance between the tourist sites are long, therefore if the distance is not long we pay for it from our profit but if it is long, we discuss it with our customer before we determine the cost.

No Forced Shopping
Most of our staff came from tourist guide background, therefore we understand what is best for our customers. It is true that tour guides and drivers get commission for your shopping. But shopping only benefits us all if you want to buy something really valuable with your money or something you can’t find from your home country. By shopping, you are also contributing to the local economy which reaches local artisans and creates local job opportunities. If you don’t want to shop, please let us know so that we won’t arrange any shopping stops on your trip.

Friendly Service
Our team consists of locals, who are well known for their friendliness and generosity. We are happy to assist travelers who want to visit our homeland and explore our culture and natural environment. We appreciate your travel since it benefits so many people whose life is dependent on tourism. Whether you tour by yourself or join one of our tours, giving free tour consulting is one of our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any question about our homeland.