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Kashgar Yarkand Delong HotelKashgar Yarkand Delong Hotel   ★★

The hotel is located in Yarkand County Center, located in the downtown area, this section of Industry and Trade, China Unicom, telecommunications, postal services in one convenient transportation.
Yarkant HotelYarkant Hotel   ★★★

Yarkant hotel is recently decorated on based the old hotel building mainly receiving government officials and tourists ,the hotel is located one main intersection of yearkant .The hotel restaurant offer both uighur and Chinese style food ,it is open all the year round .
Yarkand Subhi Altun HotelYarkand Subhi Altun Hotel  

Yarkant Subhi Altun Hotel is located in the old quarter of Yarkant ,it is quite close to old town area of yarkant and historical sights ,os it offer a unique experience for you and you can take a walk in old town an night markets of yarkant .